Family Lockdown

Cabins Unlimited has been active during the lockdown and we have been taking orders for our sheds, cabins and summerhouses at an amazing rate.  With a lot of people forced to be at home they are turning their attention to their garden and home improvements realising that now is the time to look at replacing their tired garden shed or to treat themselves to some additional space and put in a summerhouse or log cabin.

Many customers are telling us that the last 6 weeks has made them realise how important their home living space is and with the whole family inside all the time, they need more space to do fun and creative things.  We have seen an increase in enquiries for cabins and summerhouses to be used for playrooms / games rooms or hobby rooms for the kids and young adults to get out of the house and use some energy.  With gyms and exercise centres closed several customers have contacted us about creating their own home gym. Parents  are also now having to home school their children so we have seen an increase in orders for garden rooms and summerhouses to be used as temporary classrooms. The other main thing customers are contacting us about is the realisation that working from home may become a permanent thing for them and how having a space in the garden as a home office to be able to separate the work and personal life will really help them be productive but maintain their work life balance.

Summer House Ideas

Despite such an unprecedented situation we have been touched by the number of previous customers who have taken the time to contact us to thank us for the amazing space we have given them and send us their photos.  Some have told us that it was their sanctuary to get away from all the negativity and sad stories, a place to go and be calm and enjoy the positive things in life.

Our garden shed range has also been selling incredibly well recently and we have seen a huge increase in not only our standard shed sales but also in bespoke designs and sizes.  Customers have found that they now have time to enjoy their garden and want to improve how it looks and often it is the poor old shed that is spoiling the appearance.  With space being a premium the old shed is just not coping with the amount that people are wanting to store in it.  The time we have all been given has allowed us to go through the house, loft and garden shed and tidy up and throw away things we have been holding onto for years.  In doing so we have wanted to create tidier areas, and this has certainly increased the demand for our garden sheds, workshops and other garden storage solutions.

Summer House Ideas

Lastly, we have also found that with people being forced to spend more time in their garden we have been getting huge volumes of enquiries for gazebos, bespoke designs for BBQ shelters and space for outside dining and entertaining.  The sale of Pizza ovens and BBQ’s has risen dramatically, and customers are now creating outdoor kitchen and dining areas so that they can enjoy time with their family.

For us at Cabins Unlimited it has been hugely rewarding even though often incredibly demanding over the last 3 months, but we are proud to be supporting our customers and hopefully in some way making their lives just a little better.

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