At Summerhouses Unlimited, we offer a fantastic bespoke service thanks to our supplier, ‘Timber Cabins’.

What sort of pricing difference can I expect with a bespoke design?

Generally speaking, the price is more expensive than a standard model due to the fact that standard models are produced in bulk and therefore it is cheaper to produce multiple at once rather than a one off model. That being said, Timber Cabins primarily only offer bespoke models and therefore don’t have to pause production of standard models to make a one off.

What is the process for getting a quotation?

With Timber Cabins, we can provide you with a customisable quotation based on the exact specification that you require! All we need is a rough sketch of a base plan for what design you are after, showing the dimensions, locations of doors, windows and internal walls.

What sort of lead time can be expected?

This can fluctuate based on workload, demand and timber supply however we are currently advising around 6-8 weeks upon ordering.

Where can I see some previous work you have completed?

We have an album on our Flickr page as you can see here:

Bespoke Buildings

How do I obtain a quote?

Complete the below form and we will come back to you with a full quotation!

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