Log Cabins

How do we deliver our Log Cabins?

All of our Log Cabins are delivered to the UK via an Arctic lorry and either go to the suppliers UK haulier or directly to us, where we then organise delivery to you directly.

In the cases where it comes to us, this is typically done when we have stock of the cabin as we will then organise the cabin to be delivered in a faster time frame.

The cabins are always delivered to you via a Hi-AB lorry, which has a crane to take care of the cabin being offloaded. It does therefore need a decent amount of access, roughly the size of a bin lorry, to ensure a smooth delivery. Pictured is an example of how the pallet is delivered alongside the Hi-AB lorry.

Example Delivery


How do we deliver our Sheds?

Our models from Albany Sheds are manufactured and delivered by Albany themselves, here in the UK.

They are offloaded from the back of a dropside vehicle or trailer directly to you either on the day of installation or before; be sure to speak to a sales representative to discuss this further.

Where we have taken stock of your building if you are not quite ready for it, then we can drop it off by trailer as well on the day of the install/chosen delivery date, similar to how it would arrive from the suppliers. Once again, if you would like for us to store it for you for a period of time, please speak to your sales representative regarding this.

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