Interior Design Opportunity For Your Garden Office

With the ever changing workplace situation emerging across our country, many people are having to work from home. The latest trends in interior designs for outdoor offices and workspaces are becoming apparent.

Cabins unlimited have a large range of cabins catering for all needs, ranging from sheds to multi room cabins. With options such as office spaces with extra side rooms so you can store all your possessions away neatly, or even as an office, with space for facilities like a kitchen area or toilet too. The variations of sizes and combinations are wide and varied.

More than ever people are looking to make their surroundings a place of real comfort and also design inspiration. When you think of an office space it is often bland and sometimes clinical, the benefits of your own personal office space allows for real creativity which we are now seeing more and more of.

We have seen many TV shows offer insights into how people transform their outdoor sheds and cabins, from extravagant collectors showcasing their possessions, to the quaint potting shed garden room. Some on a larger budget and some cleverly thrifting finds from charity shops and ebay. 

Cabins unlimited have already seen some of their clients create some really inspirational spaces for example an artists studio and a web design studio. One client even added a bar area complete with festoon lighting, tolix bar stools and shelves full of pub paraphernalia. Personal bars and pubs are a very popular theme we have seen people creating during lockdown and over 2020.

The great advantage of having an outdoor indoor space is being able to not only encompass yourself with your surroundings, but also being able to bring it inside. Allowing for a truly tranquil and energising space.

Current trends are embracing lush greens, dark woods and eclectic styles of modern and vintage. One of the foremost inspirations is Biophilic Design which focuses on merging the structure to nature itself. This has come about due to the increased populations of cities looking to enhance their health by incorporating as much nature inside as possible. Science proves that being outside makes you feel good and benefits your health.

Home Garden Office

Another trend of 2021 is Japandi which mixes Japanese style with Scandi design. Its minimalism enhances harmony, allowing for simplicity as well as function. It is well known a clear space accounts for a clear mind, a very important factor when considering your workspace surroundings. A great option when it comes to an outdoor office as the earthy and natural hues really tie in with nature around it. The greenery, offering a mood boosting environment, sure to generate the most productive mindset.

Furnishing your office with these design led trends can be costly but luckily the current fashions allow for purchases that won’t cost the earth too. It’s become more important now to recycle leaving less damaging footprint to the environment. There has become a shift more towards conscious consumption, this is called low waste living, trying to produce less plastic in the home and encourage second hand purchases.

Inevitably working from home has played a major part in the influences that determine the interior design trends. Creating a positive, healthy and productive environment. With home working most likely to be a new and permanent lifestyle work choice.

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