Cabin Price: £2525.00
Roof and Floor Insulation: £570.00
Shingle Tiles: £430.00
ProBASE: £265.00
Pre-painting – Price on request
Installation: £830.00
Fitting for Insulation: £160.00
Fitting for ProBASE: £220.00
This cabin is on display at our Lincoln display site.
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The Oban 40 Log Cabin is one of our top sellers from Lasita Maja.

The Oban is constructed with 40mm thick walls in a corner fashion to make it both affordable for all customers and able to fit into any garden. The double outward opening doors, which are both fully and double glazed provides a wide entrance and allows plenty of natural light to enter the building when open or closed.


Base Size (Metric): 2.4m x 2.4m
Base Size (Imperial): 7ft 11″ x 7ft 11″
Roof Style: Hipped
Wall Height: 2.05m
Ridge Height: 2.41m
Log Thickness: 40mm
Roof Boards: 18mm
Floor Boards: 18mm
Glazing: Double
This cabin is on display at our Lincoln display site.

Additional information

Roof Covering

No Roof Covering Supplied, Shingle Tiles

Insulation Kit

No Insulation Kit Required, Insulation Kit Required


No Base Required, ProBASE Supply Only, ProBASE Fitting & Supply


No Installation Required, Installation Required


No Pre-Treatment Required, Falu Red, Glacier Green, Light Grey, Carbon Grey

Pre-Painted Service

Lasita Maja offer a pre-painted service which provides protection for up to 2 years from installation, meaning you will not need to worry about re-treating the building or painting it post installation. They have 4 colours available, all striking and attractive. Take a look at some examples on buildings below. If you select a pre-treatment option, be sure to put in your order notes which colour you would like! – Falu Red, Glacier Green, Light Grey or Carbon Grey!

Some of the benefits of the pre-painting service include:

  • All boards with industrial finish on three sides
  • Log cabins, blockboard heads and corner connections are 6-sided sealed for the best protective use
  • Inside boards natural untreated
  • 4 colours available – Falu Red, Glacier Green, Light Grey & Carbon Grey
  • Doors/windows are cream white inside and outside
  • Trims and windows can be painted cream or white
  • Purlins untreated
  • Roof planks are untreated
  • Environment-friendly, solvent-free and low-odour treatment agents
  • Ideal protection against weather conditions, fungi, insect infestation, mould and bluing
  • Paint supply for repairs included in delivery
  • Recommended maintenance interval 2 years
  • Paints can be ordered separately (for refinishing)

Installation Guide

You can view the Oban 40 Installation Guide by clicking here.


• Your garden house has a two-year warranty, and we give the wooden wall elements (except those of the 19-mm wall) a special extended warranty of five years. You will find the terms and conditions of the warranty below.
• Repairing or replacing the product during the warranty period will not extend the warranty period or grant a new warranty with a new warranty period. The warranty on elements replaced or repaired during the warranty period expires at the same time as the warranty period of the product.

1. General warranty conditions

1.1. The garden house (hereinafter: the Product) shall be purchased from a Manufacturer or an authorised distributor of the Manufacturer (hereinafter: the Seller) and the end-user of the Product (hereinafter: the Buyer) must have fully paid for the Product by the time of the warranty incident.
1.2. The Buyer shall ensure that the Product is selected for its intended purpose and is suitable for installation in the planned location (e.g. year-round use as an office).
1.3. The warranty period starts from the moment the Product is delivered to the Buyer and the accompanying documents have been signed. The warranty is valid provided that the installation instructions are strictly followed. Modifications made to the Product or parts thereof shall be coordinated in advance with the Seller.
1.4. A warranty incident is considered to be a possible fault in the structure of the Product or a defect in and/or missing element which is not excluded from the warranty as per Article 2.
1.5. The Seller must be notified immediately of any deficiencies in the Product detected during the warranty period, but at the latest within five working days of the date the deficiency was discovered. When submitting a complaint, it must be accompanied by one or more photos, a description of the deficiency, the article number of the Product and the serial number given by the manufacturer (as marked on the last page of the installation instructions and on the label attached to the packaging).
1.6. The scope of warranty liability is exclusively limited to the faulty element to be replaced under warranty. The Buyer and Seller shall agree on the quickest possible delivery date and location. The scope of warranty liability excludes transport, installation, time and communication costs related to the detection of the defect and installation. The Seller shall not be held liable before the Buyer or a third party for any incidental or consequential damage arising from the deficiency in the Product.
1.7. In case of doubt, the Seller reserves the right to process the incident for longer than 14 working days and to involve experts, of its own volition, to establish whether:
• the Product was installed according to the provided installation instructions; and
• circumstances exist which exclude the warranty liability described in Article 2.
1.8. The Seller has the right to claim compensation from the Buyer for the costs incurred in processing an unjustified complaint.

2. This warranty excludes the following:

2.1. Damage caused by the incorrect storage of the Product after the Product has been delivered to the Buyer (exposed to weather conditions, in contact with the ground or in heated rooms) or damage occurring during transport and installation. Damage occurring during transport (if the Product was delivered to the home address or another address of the Buyer) which can be determined before accepting the goods (i.e. before unloading from the vehicle) shall be recorded by taking one or more photos, which shall be forwarded to the Seller.
2.2. Mistakes made during installation of the Product:
• the installation instructions were ignored during the installation process;
• weather conditions (strong wind, snow, ice or rain) which could harm the Product were not taken into consideration during installation;
• the distance between the upper edge of the foundation or the first wall element of the house is less than 45 mm;
• the outer edge of the bottom wall row is not installed 3-5 mm beyond the outer edge of the foundation; • the subframe is not level and square; • no damp-proof barrier has been installed between the foundation and structure;
• the entire Product has not been finished with wood preservative immediately after installation, including the doors and windows, which should be finished on both sides (to prevent discolouration, bending and expanding). When choosing wood preservatives, an expert/paint seller should be consulted;
• in terms of ensuring the durability of the Product, it has not been sufficiently protected against weather conditions, e.g. by means of roofing covering strips and fastening strips, anchors, storm strips or other means, even if the listed accessories are not included in the garden house set;
• objects have been rigidly fastened to a wall which prevent the normal drying, shrinking, settling or expanding of the Product (which must also be taken into consideration when fastening the nut of the storm strip);
• during installation of the roof boards 1-2 mm of expansion space has not been provided; and/or
• for roofing felt (if this is included in the garden house set) meant to be used as an underlayer with the roofing material.
2.3. Peculiarities of wood as a natural material:
• expanding, shrinking (below 3% in width and thickness), differences in colour and twisting and bending of elements, none of which hamper the installation of the garden house;
• intact/ingrown knots in elements of the Product which do not harm its stability;
• unplaned areas, dull areas or areas where knots extend beyond the edge of the roof or floor boards of the garden house, if the boards can be installed so that these defects remain hidden after final finishing (e.g. by rotating the boards);
• knots with a max. diameter of 20 mm extending beyond the elements of the Product, including if they appear on the edge of an element of the Product but remain hidden in the structure after final finishing;
• small fissures or cracks formed in the Product (as a result of drying) which have not penetrated through and do not hamper the stability of the Product’s structure; and
• wax pockets in elements of the Product.
2.4. Finger-jointed wooden elements used in the Product.
2.5. Damage related to the normal wear and tear of the Product (e.g. signs of wear on floor boards or the doorsill).
2.6. Glazed units/glass panes mechanically damaged by the Buyer, broken or thermally broken (which may occur when the difference in temperature of the glass in the central area and in the hidden edge area of a pane or glazed unit exceeds the critical value).
2.7. Reasons related to normal physical phenomena (e.g. the formation of condensation on windows).
2.8. Damage related to unforeseeable factors (e.g. vandalism, flooding, storms or tornadoes). The Buyer shall lose their entitlement to the warranty in the following cases:
• the Buyer does not verify the quantity, completeness and quality of the Product and elements thereof within a reasonable time following delivery and acceptance of the Product and in all cases before installation;
• elements with defects have already been installed or painted, but the deficiency in the Product would have been noticeable during inspection. The detected deficiency shall be recorded as described in article 1.5; and/or
• the Buyer submits to the Seller wrong or insufficient data regarding the Product or warranty incident or documents proving the purchase are not submitted

Terms & Conditions


Timber Cabins & Summerhouses Ltd trading as Summerhouses Unlimited
Registered Address: First Floor Suite, 2 Hillside Business Park, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom, IP32 7EA
Company No: 13120690


01522 253055


Summerhouses Unlimited do not share or sell any information provided to us either online or in person with third parties, excluding with the relevant delivery company to fulfil your purchase requirements. The information provided to us is solely used to process your quote and/or order. No payment details are retained by us once payment has been approved.


Upon checkout you will be asked to confirm your order. If you wish to make changes at this stage and are unable to do so please contact us on one of the above numbers. Terms and Conditions must be accepted before you can proceed to payment. Confirmation of your order will be sent to you via email to the email address provided.


Summerhouses Unlimited will work with you to establish which timber building you would like to purchase. We will then provide a formal no obligation quotation. Upon accepting the quote, you will receive an invoice and a copy of our Terms and Conditions, as laid out in this document. You will also receive a site survey form, relevant parts of this will also need to be completed.

For your order to be accepted and processed you must agree and sign to confirm you understand and accept our terms of sale. We reserve the right to cancel any order where Terms and Conditions have not been accepted.


When purchasing from Summerhouses Unlimited full payment for the building and consumables is required at the time of ordering, unless previously agreed otherwise in writing. We accept most methods of payment including online banking transfer (details upon request), debit cards and credit cards. All payments are made in GBP (£). Please note we do not accept AMEX.  All payments are subject to validation checks and authorization by the card issuer.

If payment from the card issuer is refused we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the order, if this is the case Summerhouses Unlimited will not be held liable for any delay or non-delivery. If you have purchased our installation service for your building a payment plan for this will be given to you and will normally be made up of a payment a few days before the installation with the balance to be settle on the day of completion. This payment plan will be supplied in writing either on the invoice or by email.

We ask that the person responsible for making the final payment to be present on the last day of the install. Payment of any remaining monies owed to Summerhouses Unlimited is to be settled in full on the day of completion. Once full and final payment has been made you will be given the keys to your new timber building. All property remains that of Summerhouses Unlimited until payment has been made in full. We reserve the right to take any necessary steps to recover unpaid balances, with any interest charged on a daily basis at 4% above the Bank of England base rate, administration charges, legal fees or recovery costs being sought in addition to the final balance owed. Late payment is defined as any balance that is outstanding 48 hours after install completion. In the case of not being able to make the final payment we ask that you contact us at the earliest point to discuss this. Where final payment hasn’t been made Summerhouses Unlimited will retain the keys to your timber building until the account has been settled.


Summerhouses Unlimited may refuse to accept an order under any circumstances which may include, but are not limited to:
1) Where goods are not available
2) Where we cannot obtain authorization for payment
3) If there has been a pricing or product description error
4) If we cannot make sufficient contact with the person placing the order
5) If you do not meet any eligibility criteria set out in our Terms & Conditions

If cancellation of an order does take place, Summerhouses Unlimited will make you aware at the earliest available time.


Summerhouses Unlimited products carry a standard warranty direct from the individual manufacturer. This is usually three years for the building and one year for windows and doors, but may vary with each manufacturer. Full details can be found on our website.
In all instances, Summerhouses Unlimited will refer back to the manufacturers warranty.


All purchases of timber buildings require a basic site survey to be completed. This is primarily to provide the delivery company with accurate access needs. Incorrect or incomplete site survey forms may result in your order being cancelled or delayed. Site surveys can be completed by the customer, the aim is to ensure delivery runs as smoothly as possible, adding no additional charges for the customer if specialised delivery methods are required.

Where an incomplete/inaccurate site survey form has been submitted, Summerhouses Unlimited reserve the right to review any charges and in extreme circumstances cancel an order with a charge of £200 + VAT. Where the install service has also been purchased a more detailed site survey form will need to be completed by the customer, this is only  applicable if a member of Summerhouses Unlimited staff has not visited your property.  Full details on how to complete a site survey are laid out in the site survey form.


Our timber building products are, in the main, made to order. Products such as sheds, garages, log cabins and summerhouses will have a standard lead time. The lead time will be discussed with you at the time of placing your order, if it is not advertised on the product listing on the website. Where a specific date is required please make us aware in good time so we can confirm this date is achievable with the manufacturer and the delivery company. If there are any delays, Summerhouses Unlimited will make you aware soon as possible.

Website sales are only for delivery of products to customers in the UK mainland. We do not deliver to offshore locations. Locations such as Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Orkney, Shetland and Scottish Islands will be purely on request and after individual discussion and written confirmation from Summerhouses Unlimited. Any additional charges outside of the above will be the responsibility of the customer.

Standard delivery practice will mean your order is delivered to the address selected at time of ordering and usually placed at the front of the property, for example, your  driveway. The courier company will contact you on the number provided to inform you of a delivery date. If the date is not available they usually offer alternative dates. If a later delivery date is selected by yourself Summerhouses Unlimited cannot be held liable for additional delays.

Summerhouses Unlimited shall be under no liability whatsoever for any delay or failure to deliver the products within our estimated timescales. Factors that can affect delivery times can include but are not limited to:
1) An unprecedented peak in seasonal sales
2) Manufacturer delays
3) Factory opening times including national holidays and shutdowns
4) Delivery company workload
5) Vehicle breakdowns
6) Staffing

Delivery of materials can be made in the week leading up to your install, please make our team aware if this isn’t possible. Summerhouses Unlimited will not be held liable for any deliveries that are turned away at the customer’s request. If materials have been turned away, we reserve the right to reschedule the install and charge a return fee of £200 + VAT.

NOTE:  Please ALWAYS let us know when you have been contacted with a delivery date for your cabin.  Some materials will come separately to the cabin and these need to be arranged once a delivery date has been confirmed to you,  Please call us on 01522 253055 to let us know.


Summerhouses Unlimited offer an installation service that is usually booked at the time of ordering, however this can be added on at a later date. Should you wish for us to quote for this please contact us on the above number quoting your invoice number. Whilst our installers are skilled at what they do, they are not qualified carpenters. They will aim to fit your cabin to the required specification but will not be held accountable should you request changes to the cabin from what was originally ordered. It is assumed by Summerhouses Unlimited that where work will involve access to a neighboring property/garden the customer will seek the relevant permissions prior to the install date. If access to your property or a neighboring property is not granted, this may delay the install and you may incur a ‘return to job fee’ based on the cost to us to reschedule the job. An install date will be booked through the operations department, if this has to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances Summerhouses Unlimited will notify you at the soonest point possible. Once the job has been completed you will be asked to sign the job off, by signing you are confirming you are happy with the work that has been carried out and committing to pay any outstanding install monies owed within 24 hours of the install date.

Summerhouses Unlimited will not be liable for any economic losses or claims including, but not limited to loss of revenues, data, profits, expenses, contracts, business or anticipated savings; or loss of goodwill or reputation; or special or indirect losses due to any fitters and contractors not being able to continue installation as a result of missing, damaged, non-delivery or incomplete delivery of goods ordered from Summerhouses Unlimited. Where you use a third-party installer, the contract is between you and the installer. With installation prices quoted it is assumed that access to the install site is unobstructed and bears no health and safety risks to our installers and is subject to a completed site survey.


Please note waste from the install of your timber building (wrapping, wood, pallets, etc) cannot be taken away by the install team unless arranged at the point of ordering.


In the event of a base already being in place or installed by a third-party, Summerhouses Unlimited reserve the right to cancel or put on hold an install if that base work is deemed unlevel or sub-standard. You will be advised of the next steps available to you and any additional costs. If the install goes ahead as per the customer’s request Summerhouses Unlimited will not be held liable for any movement issues that arise from building on a substandard base.


The nature of the products we supply means they can be affected by the environment, unlike plastic, steel or other man-made products. As timber is a natural product it will have grains and knots which will vary, these variations can absorb timber treatments and react to the atmosphere differently. Some splitting of the timber may occur as it expands and contracts with changes in humidity and temperature. Any extreme changes in climate may cause knots to fall out, this is perfectly natural and in no way undermines the integrity of the building. This is not classed as a product defect or damage unless it makes the building unfit for purpose.


In some instances, door and window adjustments may need to be made by yourself over the life of your timber building. Please note this is part of owning a building that is made from a natural product. Adjustments to doors and windows are not classified as a fault or defect and will not be classed as repair needed to the building. Summerhouses Unlimited are happy to advise our customers on how to make these adjustments themselves. A fee may be incurred if we are called out by the customer to rectify a suspected fault which is actually a straightforward adjustment that could have been completed by the customer.


If there are any breakages to the glass in your order, please take photos and send them to at the soonest point in time. Summerhouses Unlimited will not accept any claims for glass breakage during transit if more than 7 days have passed from the delivery date, to you informing us of the breakage. Once the timber building is installed we will not be held liable for any glass breakages due to fixings made to the windows or doors e.g. blinds, curtain poles.


On very rare occasions our goods can receive some light damage during shipping. We will always work with our customers to resolve any issues you might have with your
order. You must inform us of any breakages or damages to the product received from us within 7 working days of delivery. Please quote your invoice number in all correspondence.

Our standard resolution process is:
i) To make good any shortage or non-delivery
ii) To replace or repair any goods that are damaged or defective
iii) To refund to you the amount paid by you for the goods in question, at our

Risk of loss or damage of any products passes to you on the date when the products are delivered to you or on the date of our first attempted delivery to your delivery address. Replacement parts are sent direct from the manufacturer, you will be advised of lead times at the time of contacting us to make us aware of the issues.


If your goods are incorrect, faulty or damaged on delivery you must notify Summerhouses Unlimited, in writing within 7 days of receiving your delivery. The first stage of rectifying this is noted above under ‘Claims and Damaged Goods’. When a product is returned we will consider the overall condition and reserve the right to seek payment for any damage incurred by yourself or poor re-packaging that may affect the re sale value of the returned item. Goods must be returned within 28 days of delivery. Collection will be arranged via our nominated delivery company.

In all instances you must take reasonable care of the item(s) and must not use them. If the item being returned is not defective the customer will incur the return fees. You have a statutory 7 days cooling off period (excluding bespoke orders) from the day you receive your order.


In the rare instance you should experience a fault or be missing a part please make Summerhouses Unlimited aware at the soonest point. Standard procedure is for us to contact the manufacturer for a resolution. It is important you check you have received all the   components of your order as soon as possible after delivery. The manufacturers will send out any missing/replacement parts directly from the factory and limit it to one case per customer on missing items. We will always work with customers for a positive  resolution and keep in contact with you throughout. Should we receive no response to our correspondence four weeks from the last contact date, we will assume a resolution has been made and close the case and therefore any claim.


If for any reason you wish to cancel your order after it has been processed please make Summerhouses Unlimited aware in writing as soon as possible. As each order is individually placed, and shipped, Summerhouses Unlimited reserve the right to invoice or seek to claim back any charges incurred by us. It is standard practice, this fee is £50 + VAT. However, if your order is awaiting delivery this fee will increase in proportion to costs incurred by Summerhouses Unlimited from the manufacturer, delivery company and such.


Bespoke or custom-made orders are where the general specification of a product has been changed as per your requests. If you decide to cancel an order of this nature you will be liable for the cost of the work in progress up to the date of the cancellation.  If production has been completed you will be liable for the cost of the building and the cost to return it.



Any reimbursements offered are without prejudice and at the discretion of Summerhouses Unlimited. A reimbursement is only offered on the basis of a good will gesture and is not an admission of liability.


Summerhouses Unlimited do not offer advice on planning or building regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure the building you purchase from us meets any, and all, restrictions enforced by your local planning authority. Our log cabins are supplied with no specific usage and therefore we ask that you as the customer seek any advice professionally if you are uncertain on regulations.

Summerhouses Unlimited do not offer advice on planning or building regulations. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure the building and materials you purchase from us meet any, and all, restrictions enforced by your local planning authority. Measurements quoted on our website and in any literature are assumed correct at time of printing and provided to Summerhouses Unlimited by our chosen manufacturers. Where it is stipulated buildings are under 2.5m in height this applies to timber buildings only and not any materials extending the height. Summerhouses Unlimited will not be held liable for any discrepancies from manufacturer design/print error. Our log cabins are supplied with no specific usage and therefore we ask that you as the customer seek any advice professionally if you are uncertain on regulations.

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